Power through the Holidays Lifestyle Challenge

The Holidays can be a super stressful time......
Which in turn can lead to many bad habits like......
Overeating, not sleeping enough, skipping workouts....

This Challenge is designed to get you through the Holiday Season Happy & Healthy!!

This is a Partner Challenge. Please let us know your preferred time to workout so that we can assign partners that will help keep each other accountable. Please keep in mind that your partner is depeding on you so please don't sign-up unless you're ready to commit.

Winning Team wins $300 in prizes: T-shirts ($50 value) and 2 personal training sessions with Scott ($200 value). No cash value.

Investment is $19 and includes:

1) Pre-Challenge Preparation Tips;
2) Kick-Off Meeting: Sunday, Nov. 13th at 4PM
a) Powerpoint and Q&A
b) Pictures & Measurements
c) Baseline Partner Workout
3) Private FaceBook Group for Challengers Only with daily support, motivation and recipes.
4) End of Challenge Celebration: Sunday, Dec. 11th at 4PM
a) Pictures and Measurements;
b) Baseline Partner Workout
c) Potluck (bring your favorite new recipe from the Challenge)
d) Winners announced

So how do I win this Lifestyle Challenge??

This is a lifestyle challenge not a nutrition challenge so points will be awarded based on all of the following healthy habits:
1) Nutrition (we will be using Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Shopping list): Thanksgiving Day will be a Free Day
2) Mobilization;
3) 2 CF Workouts per week with your partner;
4) Sleep (7 hours per day. Naps will count if you have an off scedule);
5) Sun (get 15 minutes per day);
6) Play (weekly partner challenge will be given)

Please sign-up earlier than later as preparation is key to success!

November 13, 2016
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Main Location
21576 N John Wayne Parkway
Suite 2B
Maricopa, Arizona 85139 US
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